How To Say Drawer

There is no one definitive way to say “drawer.” It can be pronounced “draw-er,” “dra-wer,” or “dray-wer” depending on where you’re from. Some people also say “cupboard” as “coo-perd.”

How To Say Drawer

in different languages The word “drawer” can be translated to “tirador” in Spanish, “tiroir” in French, and “Schublade” in German.

-A pencil -A piece of paper -An eraser -A dictionary

  • Open drawer
  • Close drawer
  • Take out item

1. drawer 2. how to say it 3. pronunciation 4. definition 5. usage 6. a word of caution 1. drawer – a storage compartment in a piece of furniture, typically one that is slid out to reveal its contents 2. How to say it – The word “drawer” is typically pronounced as “dra-wer.” However, some people may pronounce it as “dray-wer.” 3. Pron

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Drawer In Computer?

A drawer is a section on a computer screen that can be pulled out to reveal more icons or information.

What Is App Drawer Used For?

An app drawer is an interface element that allows users to view and launch all installed apps on a device. It is typically a panel or drawer that appears on the home screen or in another launcher interface.

What Is Drawer?

A drawer is a type of cabinet that is used to store things. It is usually a rectangular box with several drawers inside of it.


in spanish The word for drawer in Spanish is cajón. This word is masculine, so when referring to a drawer in a feminine noun, use la cajón.

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