How To Say Evil In Different Languages

There is no one word for “evil” in all languages. Depending on the language, words that may be used to mean “evil” include diabolical, demonic, satanic, and wicked.

How To Say Evil In Different Languages

Some languages have many words for “evil”. For example, the Telugu language has about 60 different words for evil. In English, the word “evil” is used to describe bad things that people do, such as harming others or breaking the law. In some cases, the word “evil” can also be used to describe things that are not bad, such as a difficult situation. Other languages have different words for evil that describe different aspects of it.

1. The first tool you will need is a list of languages. You can find a list of languages online, or in a language textbook. 2. Next, you will need to print out a list of translations for “evil” in each language. 3. Finally, you will need a dictionary or online translator to help you with the translations.

  • To say evil in french, say “méchant.”
  • To say evil in italian, say “cattivo.” to say evil in german
  • To say evil in spanish, say “malvado.”

How to say “evil” in different languages: In English, “evil” is typically spelled “evil”. The word “evil” is often used to describe someone or something that is mean, vicious, or wicked. In Spanish, “mal” is the word for “evil”. Mal can be used to describe something that is bad, harmful, or wrong. In French, “mauvais” is the word for “evil”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Chaos In Different Languages?

Chaos is the term used to describe a state of disorder or confusion. It is derived from the Greek word khaos, meaning “gaping void.” In English, chaos is typically spelled with a k. In other languages, the term for chaos may be translated differently, but typically retains the same meaning.

What Is The Word Evil In Other Languages?

In French, “evil” is translated as “mal”. In Spanish, it is “mal”, and in Italian, it is “male”.

What Is Badass In Different Languages?

Badassery is a trait that is universally admired, regardless of language barriers. But if you want to get specific, badassery is known by different names in different languages. In Spanish, it is called “machismo.” In French, it is “badassitude.” And in German, it is “coolness.” No matter what you call it, badassery is always impressive!

In Closing

There are many different ways to say “evil” in different languages. Some languages, like Spanish, have one word for “evil” (mal), while others, like German, have multiple words for “evil” (schlecht, böse). No matter what language you’re speaking, though, it’s important to be aware of the negative connotations that the word “evil” carries.

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