How To Say First Of All In Spanish

In Spanish, “primero” means “first.” When you want to say “first of all,” you can say “en primer lugar” or “primero de todo.”

How To Say First Of All In Spanish

In Spanish, “primero” is the word for “first.” To say “first of all,” you would say “primero de todo” or “en primer lugar.”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the tools and materials you need to say “first of all” in Spanish will vary depending on the context in which you want to use it. However, some useful phrases that might come in handy include “en primer lugar,” “primero,” and “antes que nada.” Additionally, you’ll likely need to know how to conjugate verbs in order to properly express yourself.

  • Pause
  • Say “primero de todo”
  • Say “en español”

How to say “First of all” in Spanish: Primero, Por supuesto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Once Más Once?

‘Once más, once’ means ‘one more time’. It is often used to ask someone to do something again.

What Is The Formal Word For You All In Spanish?

‘Vosotros’ is the formal word for ‘you all’ in Spanish.

What Does Poquito Poquito?

It means little by little.


In Spanish, “primero de todo” means “first of all.” It is used to introduce a list of items, or to emphasize the importance of something.

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