How To Say God Is Great In Arabic

In Arabic, the word for “God” is الله (Allah). The word Allah is derived from the Arabic word ilah, which means “god” or “deity.”

How To Say God Is Great In Arabic

In Arabic, “Allah” is the word used for “God.” It is a contraction of the phrase “Al-Ilah,” meaning “the god.”

To say “God is great” in Arabic, you would say “Allah akbar.”

  • Start by saying “allah akbar” which means “god is great” in arabic
  • Then say “alhamdulillah” which means “praise be to allah” in arabic
  • End

There are many ways to say “God is great” in Arabic. Some of the most common phrases are “Allah akbar,” “Subhan Allah,” and “Masha Allah.” Each phrase has a slightly different meaning, but they all reflect reverence and admiration for God.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Great God In Arabic?

In Arabic, you would say “Allahu Akbar.”

How Do You Praise God In Arabic?

There are many ways to praise God in Arabic. Some common phrases are “Subhan’Allah,” which means “Glory be to Allah,” “Alhamdulillah,” which means “Praise be to Allah,” and “Allahu Akbar,” which means “Allah is the Greatest.”

How Do Muslims Say Thanks To God?

Muslims say thanks to God by praising Him, thanking Him for His blessings, and asking Him for help and guidance.


In Arabic, “Allah Akbar” is translated to mean “God is great.” This phrase is often used as a battle cry by Muslims, and can also be seen as an expression of joy.

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