How To Say Good Afternoon In German

Guten Tag, In order to say “good afternoon” in German, you would say “Guten Tag, Herr Müller” or “Guten Tag, Frau Müller.”

How To Say Good Afternoon In German

There are a few ways to say “Good afternoon” in German. One way is to say “Guten Tag, Herr/Frau” (Good day, sir/ma’am), and then add “Nachmittag” (afternoon) to the end. Another way is to say “Hallo, ich bin’s/ich heiße ____” (Hello, it’s me/my name is _____) and then say “Guten

There is no one definitive way to say “good afternoon” in German. However, some common phrases include “Guten Tag, Herr/Frau _____” (Good day, Sir/Madam _____), “Guten Tag, liebe _____” (Good day, dear _____), and “Hallo, mein Name ist _____” (Hello, my name is _____).

  • If it is afternoon, say “afternoon”
  • Say “good afternoon”
  • Say “hallo” to someone

-Guten Tag, wie geht es Ihnen? -Hallo, ich bin gut. Und Ihnen? -Guten Tag. Wie geht’s?

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats Guten Tag In German?

Guten Tag is a German greeting that means “good day.”

How Do You Respond To A Guten Tag In German?

“Guten Tag” is the formal way to say “hello” in German. The typical response would be to say “danke schön” or “danke”, which means “thank you very much”.

What Is A German Afternoon?

In Germany, an afternoon may consist of a leisurely lunch, followed by a nap or siesta. Many people then spend the late afternoon and evening outdoors, enjoying the warmer weather.


In German, “Guten Tag” is the formal way to say “Hello” and “Goodbye”. In order to say “Good Afternoon”, you would say “Hallo” or “Wie geht’s?”.

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