How To Say Good Morning In Cantonese

Cantonese is a Chinese dialect that is spoken in southern China and in Hong Kong. In Cantonese, “Good morning” is pronounced “Jo5 ngaa5 mung6 faat3”, which literally means “Have a good morning”.

How To Say Good Morning In Cantonese

In Cantonese, “Good morning” can be translated as “早安” (Zǎo ān).

1. A Cantonese speaker. 2. A written or online Cantonese dictionary. 3. A Cantonese phrasebook.

  • In cantonese, say 喂早 (wèi zǎo
  • Say morning 上午好 in mandarin

-Greetings are an important part of any culture, and the way you say hello can tell someone a lot about where you’re from. -In Cantonese, there are a few different ways to say good morning. The most common way is to say “Good morning” or “Morning” 上午好 (soeng6 fau5 hou2). You can also say “Good morning, everyone” 下午好 ( ha

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Good Morning In Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, a good morning is usually greeted with a simple “Good morning” in Cantonese.

How Do You Say This Morning In Cantonese?


How Do You Say Hello In Cantonese?

Hello in Cantonese is 嗨 (hài), pronounced like the English word “hi”.

In Summary

In Cantonese, there are several ways to say “good morning”, including “joi gin”, “gin lei”, and “ming zai”. Each expression has its own unique meaning and usage.

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