How To Say Grandma In Ghana

Ghanaian Akan, one of the most commonly spoken languages in Ghana, has a word for grandmother that is quite different from English. The Akan word “Nana” is used to refer to any female elder relative, not just a grandmother. To say “grandma” specifically, you would add the word “Aya” after “Nana.”

How To Say Grandma In Ghana

There really is not one definitive way to say “grandma” in Ghana. Depending on the region, the word or words used for grandmother may vary. In some cases, “grandma” may be translated as “nana.” Alternatively, she may be referred to as “obaachan” or simply “ama.”

In order to say “grandma” in Ghana, you will need to know how to say “aunt” and “mother.” The word for “aunt” is “oma,” and the word for “mother” is “ma.” To say “grandma,” you would say “oma ma.”

  • Say “mama”
  • Say “nana”

There are a few different ways that you can say “grandma” in Ghana. The most common way is “nana”, but you can also say “oma” or “nene”. Whichever way you choose to say it, make sure to use the informal version of “you” (e.g., “wofia” instead of “wo fa”).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do They Call Grandma In South Africa?

The term “Grandma” is used to refer to a female grandmother in South Africa.

What Do They Call Grandmother In The South?

In the Southern United States, they call grandmother “granny.”

What Do They Call Grandma In Other Countries?

Grandma is often called “Nana” in other countries.

To Review

Ghanaian grandmothers are often regarded as the head of the household and the most important member of their family. They are typically responsible for raising the children, cooking, cleaning, and providing wisdom and guidance. In Ghana, it is customary to affectionately call one’s grandmother “Nana” or “Mama.”

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