How To Say Hello In 10 Languages

Hello in 10 languages: Hi: English Bonjour: French Salut: French Hallo: German Ciao: Italian Hola: Spanish Olá: Portuguese Hello: Russian Zdravstvuite: Russian (informal) or Здравствуйте (ZDRAVST-vooy-tyeh)

How To Say Hello In 10 Languages

Including “hello” in different languages can be a fun and interesting way to greet people from around the world. Here are ten translations of “hello” with the corresponding language: Bonjour (French) Hallo (German) Salve (Italian) Boa tarde (Portuguese) Hola (Spanish) Hello (English) Здравствуйте (Russian) ק

In order to say hello in 10 languages, you will need a pen and paper to write down the translations, and 10 different languages to learn how to say hello in.

  • In french: “bonjour”
  • In german: “hallo”
  • In italian: “ciao” in portuguese: “olá” in
  • In spanish: “hola”

-Hello in English is “Hello” -In Spanish, “Hola” is the most common way to say hello -In French, “Bonjour” is the most common way to say hello -In German, “Hallo” is the most common way to say hello -In Italian, “Ciao” is the most common way to say hello -In Portuguese, “Olá” is the most common way to say hello -In Dutch

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How Do You Say Hello In 20 Different Languages?

In Albanian, you say “Mirëmbrëma”. In Czech, you say “Dobré ráno”. In Danish, you say “God morgen”. In Dutch, you say “Goedemorgen”. In Finnish, you say “Hyvää huomenta”. In French, you say “Bonjour”. In German, you say “Guten Morgen”. In Greek, you say “Kalimera”. In Hungarian, you say “Jó reggelt”. In Italian, you say “Buongiorno”. In Japanese, you Say “Ohayou gozaimasu”. In Norwegian, you say “God morgen”. In Polish, you say “

How Do You Say Hello In 15 Different Languages?

Hi there! In order to say hello in 15 different languages, you could try some of the following: Hello in French: Bonjour Hello in Spanish: Hola Hello in Italian: Ciao Hello in German: Hallo Hello in Portuguese: Olá Hello in Japanese: Konnichiwa Hello in Chinese: Ni hao Hello in Korean: Annyeong haseyo Hello in Finnish: Hei Hello in Swedish: Hej

How Do You Say Hello In 50 Languages?

You can say hello in 50 languages by using the following phrases: Afrikaans: Hallo Albanian: Tungjatjeta Arabic: Marhaba Armenian: Barev Azerbaijani: Salam Czech: Dobrý den Danish: Goddag Dutch: Hallo Esperanto: Saluton Estonian: Tere Finnish: Hei French: Bonjour Georgian: Gamarjobat German: Guten Tag Greek: Kalimera Hebrew: Shalom Hindi: Namaste Hungarian: Szia Icelandic: Hello Indonesian: Halo Italian: Buon giorno Japanese: Konnichiwa Kazakh: Saalauuu Korean: Annyeonghaseyo Latvian: Labdien Lithuan


Hello in 10 languages: Hello in English: “Hello” Hello in Spanish: “Hola” Hello in French: “Bonjour” Hello in German: “Guten Tag” Hello in Italian: “Ciao” Hello in Japanese: “Konnichiwa” Hello in Korean: “Annyeonghaseyo” Hello in Mandarin Chinese: “Ni hao” Hello in Portuguese: “Bom dia”

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