How To Say Hello In Cherokee Indian Language

The Cherokee language has a very specific way of saying hello. The phrase is “Hashtł’ishnili” which translates to “I am glad to see you.”

How To Say Hello In Cherokee Indian Language

Hello in Cherokee is “hau”.

There is no one definitive way to say hello in Cherokee, as the language has a number of dialects. However, some basic greetings you might use include “Good morning,” “Hello,” and “How are you?”

  • Bow
  • Bow
  • Say “how are you?”
  • Say “hello”

1. There are many ways to say hello in the Cherokee language. 2. “Good morning” can be translated as “Hali Aniyvwiya” or “Ke Tsi Aniyvwiya”. 3. “Good afternoon” can be translated as “Tsi Dihi Aniyvwiya” or “Aniyvwiya Hi No”. 4. “Good evening” can be translated as “Tsi Dihi

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did The Cherokee Say Hello?

The Cherokee say hello by saying “Howdy” or “Good morning”.

How Do You Say Hello My Name Is In Cherokee?

‘Hello my name is’ in Cherokee is ‘Nyawunna dakwalida’.

What Does Wado Mean In Cherokee?

Wado, pronounced wah-doh, is a Cherokee word meaning “hello, I’m glad to see you.” It is also used as a farewell.

In The End

In Cherokee, “hello” is “ah-nee-sa”.

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