How To Say Hello In Tahitian

In Tahitian, “Aloha” is the most common way to say hello. It can be used as both a greeting and a farewell.

How To Say Hello In Tahitian

The Tahitian word for hello is “aloha”.

You will need: -a Tahitian phrasebook -pen and paper

  • Introduce yourself
  • “my name is _____”
  • “eia ou ia te au”
  • Ask the other person their name “ko oi te au?” “and you are?”

Greetings in Tahitian vary depending on the time of day, location, and relationship of the speakers. In the morning, “bonjour” is used. In the afternoon, “maeva” is used. And, at night, “malo” is used. When addressing a stranger, “aloha” is used. When addressing someone you know well, “iaorana” is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet Someone In Tahiti?

In Tahiti, people typically greet one another by saying “Aloha” which is a word that means hello, goodbye, and love.

What Does Manava Mean In Tahitian?

The word manava is Tahitian for “human.”

Do They Say Aloha In Tahiti?

Yes, they say “aloha” in Tahiti. The word has Hawaiian origins and is used as a greeting or farewell.

In The End

In Tahitian, the phrase “ia ora na” is used to say hello. This phrase can be translated to mean “hello” or “good morning.”

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