How To Say Hi In Thai

In Thai, “Hello” is pronounced “Sawatdee”. It literally means “to meet with respect.”

How To Say Hi In Thai

In Thai, the word for “hello” is สวัสดี (sa-wat-dee). This word can be used both as a greeting and as a farewell.

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the way to say “hello” in Thai will vary depending on the dialect you are speaking. However, some basics that are common to most dialects include สวัสดี (sa-wat-dee), ยินดี (yin-dee), and เจ็บ (jep).

  • Start by saying “sawadee ka”
  • Add a rising inflection at the end
  • Pronounce each letter of the word

1. สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee) – hello 2. ครั้งแรก ๆ ขอโทษ (krang raek kor toht) – sorry for the inconvenience 3. เป็นไร (pen-rai

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Greet In Thai?

The Thai greeting “Sawaddee” is a hello, goodbye, or thank you.

How Do You Say Hello In Thai Men?

In Thai, สวัสดี sa-wat-dee is the most common way to say hello to a man.

What Does Sawadee Ka Mean In Thai?

Sawadee ka is a Thai greeting that means “hello” or “welcome”.

In Closing

In Thailand, the most common way to say “hello” is to say “Sawadee ka” or “Sawadee krup”.

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