How To Say Isaiah In Spanish

Isaiah es el nombre de uno de los libros de la Biblia. Es un profeta que vivió en el siglo VIII a. C.

How To Say Isaiah In Spanish

Isaías is a name derived from the Hebrew name יְשַעְיָהוּ (Yĕsha‘yāhū) meaning “Yahweh is salvation”. The Spanish form of the name is Isaías.

Isaiah is a Hebrew name that means “God is salvation.” In Spanish, it would be pronounced “ee-sah-yah.”

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  • In spanish, isaiah would be pronounced “ee
  • Yah.”
  • Isaiah is a hebrew name meaning “jehovah is salvation.”

There are a few different ways to say “Isaiah” in Spanish, depending on the region. “Isaías” is the most common spelling in Latin American countries, while “Isaias” is more common in Spain. Other variations include “Esaias,” “Esajas,” and “Ysaías.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Isaias Spanish For Isaiah?

Isaiah is Hebrew, while Isaias is Spanish.

How Do You Spell The Spanish Name Isaiah?

The Spanish name for Isaiah is Isaías.

Is Isaias A Portuguese?

Isaías, pronounced “ee-zyah-eez,” is a name of Hebrew origin. It is not Portuguese.

In The End

Isaiah can be translated to “Yahweh is salvation” in Spanish. This name is indicative of the prophet’s role as a messenger of God’s salvation.

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