How To Say It’S Fine In Japanese

ありがとうございます。 それは私にとって大丈夫です。 “Arigato gozaimasu. Sore wa watashi ni totte daijoubu desu.” This is how you say “it’s fine” in Japanese.

How To Say It’S Fine In Japanese

In Japanese, there are a few ways to say “it’s fine.” “Sou desu ka?” is a polite way to ask someone if everything is okay. “Daijoubu?” is a more casual way to ask someone if they’re okay. Both of these phrases translate to “is it okay?”

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  • それはいいです。 2. それは大丈夫です。 3. いいえ、大丈夫です。 4. こ


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Name In Japanese?

My name in Japanese is “Kensuke”.

Are You Ok In Japanese Anime?

Yes, I am OK in Japanese anime. I have watched a good number of anime series and movies, and I can say that my understanding of the language has improved significantly. In addition, I think that the Japanese anime industry does a great job in portraying various aspects of the culture, which makes it an interesting and fun learning tool.

How Do You Say Okay In Anime?

The term “okay” is spelled オーケー in Japanese, and usually pronounced as “ōkē.” It is often used informally to indicate agreement or understanding.

In Closing

In Japanese, you can say “それでいいですよ” or “それですね” to means “that’s fine”.

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