How To Say Joseph In Spanish

Joseph is a name that is typically spelt José in Spanish. To say José in Spanish, say “hoh-ZAY”.

How To Say Joseph In Spanish

In Spanish, Joseph is José. To say José in Spanish, say “Hos-AY”

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  • To say “joseph” in spanish, say “josé” with a long “o” sound

There are a few different ways to say “Joseph” in Spanish. One way is “José”. Another way is “Joséph”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Spanish Name For Joseph?

There is not a particular Spanish name for Joseph, but there are a few variants of the name that could be used. These include Josue, Josef, or Yosef.

Who Is Joseph In The Bible In Spanish?

Joseph is un personaje bíblico que aparece en el Antiguo Testamento. Era el hijo de Jacob y esposo de María, la madre de Jesús. Se dice que José era un hombre justo y piadoso.

What Is The English Version Of Jose?

The English equivalent of Jose is Joseph.

Taking Everything Into Account

Josefina is the feminine form of Joseph in Spanish.

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