How To Say Laos

There is no one definitive way to say “Laos.” However, a few possibilities are “Lao,” “Laos PDR,” or “Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Laos.”

How To Say Laos

Laotian is the official language of Laos. It is a tonal language with six tones. There are about 6 million speakers of Laotian, most of whom live in Laos. Laotian is a member of the Tai-Kadai language family.

There is no one definitive way to say “Laos” in English. However, some possible ways to say it include “Lao,” “Laosian,” and “Laotian.” Each has its own unique set of connotations and implications, so it’s important to choose the term that best suits the context and audience. Additionally, depending on the region where someone is speaking, various accents and pronunciations may be used.

  • Finally, say the word “laos”
  • Then say, “i’m trying to say ‘laos’ but i’m not sure how.”
  • Start by saying, “excuse me, can you help me?”

There is no one definitive way to say “Laos.” The Lao people themselves have a range of dialects, so there is no one single pronunciation that is universally accepted. However, there are a few ways to say “Laos” that are more commonly used than others. In English, you can say “Laos” as “law-oss,” “low-oss,” or “low-us.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Call Laos Lao?

The name Lao is derived from the Sanskrit word “Loka” meaning “world.” When the area that is now Laos was divided into small fiefdoms in the 9th century AD, one of these was called Lane Xang, meaning “land of a million elephants.” Over time, this became Lao.

Are Laos And Lao The Same?

Yes, Laos and Lao are the same. Lao is the name of the language spoken in Laos, while Laos is the name of the country.

What Is The Old Name Of Laos?

The old name of Laos is Lan Xang.

To Summarize

in french Laos is pronounced “Low-as” in French.

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