How To Say Nice In French

How to say “nice” in French is “merci.” You can also say “thank you” in French, which is “merci beaucoup.”

How To Say Nice In French

In French, “nice” is translated as “beau” or “joli”. To say “nice” in French, you would say “beau/joli”.

-pen or paper to write down translations -a dictionary, either online or physical -a French speaker to help with pronunciation

  • Say “hello”
  • Say “sorry” say “goodbye”
  • Say “thank you”

-When you want to say “thank you” in French, you can say “merci.” -You can also say “thank you very much” by saying “merci beaucoup.” -If you want to say “you’re welcome” in French, you can say “de rien.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is French Slang For Cool?

The French slang for cool is “chic”.

Is There French Slang?

Yes, there is French slang, which can be difficult to understand for people who are not familiar with the language. Slang words and expressions are used to describe things in a way that is unique to a particular group or culture, and they often have a more informal tone. In French, slang words can be used to describe both people and things, and they can be used in both spoken and written language. Some common examples of French slang include “chic” for cool, “d├ębile” for idiot, and “naze” for ugly.

What’S Good In French Slang?

slang in French is very versatile and expressive. it can be used to communicate with others in a more informal way, as well as to show your own personality and unique perspective.

To Review

As with most languages, there are many ways to say “nice” in French. Some of the more common phrases include “beau,” “joli,” and “charmant.” While the meanings of these words may vary depending on the context, they all generally denote that the person is attractive or pleasing to look at.

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