How To Say Notebook In Spanish

Spanish has two words for “notebook.” The word libreta is more common in Central America and the Caribbean, while cuaderno is more common in Spain.

How To Say Notebook In Spanish

The word “notebook” in Spanish is “cuaderno”.

-Notebook -Spanish dictionary

  • To say “notebook” in spanish, say “cuaderno”

There are a few different ways to say “notebook” in Spanish. La libreta is the most common, but there are also others like el cuaderno and el bloc de notas. It really depends on the region of Spain you’re in as to which word is used most often.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Spanish Word For Note Book?

The Spanish word for note book is ‘libro de notas’.

What Is Notebook In Spanish Plural?

Los cuadernos son una herramienta esencial para la educación. Se utilizan para tomar notas en clase, hacer ejercicios y practicar lecciones.


The word for “notebook” in Spanish is “cuaderno”. It is pronounced “kwa-de-roh”.

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