How To Say Peanut In Spanish

When translating “peanut” from English to Spanish, there are a few possible words that could be used. The most accurate translation would be cacahuete, but other translations such as maní or palomitas could also be used depending on the context.

How To Say Peanut In Spanish

In Spanish, “maní” is the word for peanut.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on which dialect of Spanish you are speaking.

  • Pecans are usually roasted and salted, but can also be eaten raw or made into butter, flour, or sugar
  • Pecan is a type of nut that is commonly eaten in the united states

1. How do you say peanut in Spanish? 2. You say “maní” to say peanut in Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In Spanish, “maní” is the word for peanut.

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