How To Say Plate In Spanish

In Spanish, the word for plate is “plato.” To say “I would like a plate of food,” say “Quisiera un plato de comida.”

How To Say Plate In Spanish

The word for plate in Spanish is plato.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on which dialect of Spanish you are speaking, and even then there may be variations. In some cases, you may need to say plato, while in others you may need to say el plato.

  • start by saying “placa” 2. next, add an “e” at the end of “placa” 3. finally, say “plato”

There are a few different ways to say “plate” in Spanish. The word for plate can be translated as plato, bandeja, or fuente. Each word has a slightly different meaning, but they all generally refer to the same object. If you’re not sure which word to use, it’s best to ask a native speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you say “I don’t speak Spanish” in English? I don’t know how to say that in Spanish.

¿Cómo Se Dese A Box In Spanish?

How to say “I wish you good luck” in Spanish is “Te deseo suerte”

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Como se dice is Spanish for “How do you say?”

In The End

In Spanish, “plato” is the word for “plate.” To say “I would like a plate of chicken,” you would say “Quisiera un plato de pollo.”

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