How To Say Please In Arabic Language

The Arabic word for “please” is يَا أَهْلَ الْجُنُودِ (yā ʾahl al-junūd), which literally means “Oh, people of the armies.”

How To Say Please In Arabic Language

In Arabic, “please” is “من فضلك” or “min fadlik”.

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  • say “salaam aleikum” to the person you are addressing. 2. use the word “shukran” to say thank you. 3. to say please in arabic, say “afwan.”

-There is no one word in Arabic that specifically means “please.” Instead, the word “mina” or “ma’ana” is used, which can be translated as “for my sake” or “because of me.” When asking for something, use the phrase “ibaadakum mina” or “ana akhadhaakum mina,” which means “I want from you.” -To say “thank you” in Arabic, say “sh

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Say In Salamtak?

Salamtak is an Arabic greeting which means hello or peace be with you.

How Do You Respond To Ya3Tik El 3Afya?

I respond to “ya3tik El 3afya” with a polite thank you.

What Does Sahtan Mean?

Sahtan is an Arabic word that means “the one who upholds the truth.”


In Arabic, the word for please is “min fadlak” or “min fadlik”. This phrase can be used in a number of ways, including to ask for something, to thank someone, or to apologize. It’s a polite way to communicate with others, and is often used in both formal and informal situations.

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