How To Say Please In Danish

The Danish word for please is “tak” ( pronounced “tock”). When you want to say please in Danish, you can say “Vil du have en kop kaffe, tak?” which means “Would you like a cup of coffee, please?”.

How To Say Please In Danish

There is no one definitive way to say please in Danish. Some possible translations are “Vil du være så venlig at”, “Tak fordi du vil hjælpe mig”, or “Kan du hjælpe mig, tak”.

A Danish dictionary

  • Ending with “tak”
  • Followed by “kan du sige undskyld”
  • Say “tak for alt”

There are a few ways to say “please” in Danish. You can say “vær venlig,” “tak,” or “undskyld.” Each one has a slightly different meaning, but they all essentially mean “please.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Danish Words?

Some Danish words are: “jeg” meaning “I”, “ham” meaning “him”, and “god” meaning “good”.

What Is The Hardest Danish Word?

The hardest Danish word is “hygge”. It has no direct translation in English, but it can be described as a cozy feeling of warmth and contentment.

Is There A Word For Thank You In Danish?

There is not a word for thank you specifically in Danish, but there is a word that can be used in a similar way, which is tak.

To Review

In Danish, “please” is “vær sød at” or “vil du være sød at”.

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