How To Say Please In Italian

In Italian, “please” is “per favore”. This can be abbreviated as “per fav.”

How To Say Please In Italian

There are a few ways to say please in Italian. The most common way is “Per favore,” but you can also say “Ti prego” or “Grazie.”

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  • You can also use “grazie” to say thank you in italian
  • Use the term “per favore” to say please in italian

– In Italian, “please” is “per favore”. – You might also hear people say “prego” which means “you’re welcome”. – When you are asking for something, you can use “per piacere” or “a piacere”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Politely Ask For Something In Italian?

You can say “Posso avere?” which means “Can I have?”

Whats Does Prego Mean?

Prego is an Italian word that means “pregnant.”

What Is The Difference Between Grazia And Grazie?

Grazia is the Italian word for “grace” or “graciousness”. Grazie is the Italian word for “thanks” or “gratitude”.


In Italian, “please” can be translated as “per favore”. This word is typically used to ask for something or to show politeness.

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