How To Say Repeat In Spanish

In Spanish, “repeat” is translated as “repita.” To say “repeat” in Spanish, you would say “repita por favor.”

How To Say Repeat In Spanish

In Spanish, “repeat” can be translated as “repita” or “repite”.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible tools and materials that could be used for learning how to say “repeat” in Spanish include online Spanish dictionaries, online translation tools, textbooks or workbooks specifically designed for learning Spanish, audio recordings of Spanish conversations or speeches, and software that provides immersion-style learning opportunities for Spanish learners. Additionally, a person seeking to learn how to say “repeat” in Spanish may need pen and paper (or an electronic note-taking device

  • in spanish, to say “repeat,” you would say “repita.” 2. you can also use the word “volver” to mean “repeat.” 3. to say “again,” you would say

– To say “repeat” in Spanish, say “repita” or “repetir”. – Both forms are conjugated the same way, so you only need to worry about the stem “repi”. – To say “I repeat”, say “yo repito” or “yo repito”. – To say “you repeat”, say “tú repites” or “usted repite”. – To say “he repeats”, say “él

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo In Spanish Mean?

How in Spanish mean? How in Spanish means “Cómo” which translated to “How”.

How Many Meanings Does Como Have?

Como has a few different meanings, depending on the context. Como can mean “how,” as in “How are you?” It can also be used to ask for clarification, as in “Como?” or “What do you mean?” Finally, como can also be used as a pronoun, meaning “like” or “as.”

What Does Como Mean In Spanish With An Accent?

Como means “like” in Spanish with an accent.

In Closing

In Spanish, “repetición” is the word for “repeat.” To say “repeat” in Spanish, say “repetición.”

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