How To Say Stop In Italian

In Italian, “stop” can be translated to “fermati.” To say “stop” in Italian, you would say “fermati,” or “stai fermo.”

How To Say Stop In Italian

In Italian, “stop” is “ferma.” To say “stop,” you would say “ferma, per favore.”

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  • Another way to say “stop” is “arresta”
  • If you need to tell someone in italian to stop, you can say “fermati” or “stai fermo”

There are a few ways to say “stop” in Italian. The most common way is “ferma!” but there are also other ways such as “arresta!” or “fermati!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Basta Mean In Italian?

Basta is an Italian word that means “enough.”

How Do You Say Shut Up In Sicilian?

In Sicilian, “zitta” is how you say “shut up”.

How Do You Say Can You Please Shut Up In Italian?

In Italian, you would say “Puoi smettere di parlare per favore?”

In Closing

In Italian, “stop” is “fermati”.

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