How To Say Stop It In Japanese

The phrase “stop it” in Japanese can be translated as “しませんか”, “しませんか?” or “しませんか?”

How To Say Stop It In Japanese

There is no one definitive way to say “stop it” in Japanese. One possible way would be 終わりにしてください (owari ni shite kudasai), which literally means “please finish it.” However, this phrase can also be used to mean “stop” in certain contexts. Other phrases that could be used to mean “stop” or “shut up” in Japanese include しゃべらないで

To say “stop it” in Japanese, you would say “それをやめて” or “しないで”.

  • To say “stop it” in japanese, say “ていつまでも” or “しまって”

How to Say “Stop It” in Japanese 1. There are a few different ways to say “stop it” in Japanese. しばらくして! (shibaraku shite!), やめて! (yamete!), and 切れ! (kire!) are all commonly used phrases that can mean “stop it” or “cut it out.” 2. Shibaraku shite! is the most polite

Frequently Asked Questions

What Means Yamete?

This is an informal Japanese phrase which can be translated as “stop it” or “enough”. It is used as a way to tell someone to stop doing something that is annoying or making you uncomfortable.

How Do You Say Shut Up In Japanese Anime?

おくりびと (okuribito)

Does Yakamashi Mean Shut Up?

No, yakamashi doesn’t mean shut up. It means to be noisy or to make a lot of noise.


The best way to say “stop it” in Japanese would be ストップ! or 中止!.

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