How To Say Thank You In Hebrew

The Hebrew word for “thank you” is “toda” (תודה). It is pronounced “toe-dah”.

How To Say Thank You In Hebrew

There is no one definitive way to say “thank you” in Hebrew. Some possible translations include: “toda raba” (תודה רבה), “todah” (תודה), and “baruch Hashem” (ברוך השם).

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  • thank you in hebrew is “תודה רבה” 2. the polite way to say thank you is “תודה רבה על השק

1. Thank you in Hebrew can be translated as “תודה רבה” or “תודה לך”. 2. You can also say “מאד תודה” to thank someone very much. 3. “ברכת שלום” is a common phrase used to say hello and goodbye, but it can also be used as a thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Toda Mean In Hebrew?

The Hebrew word Toda (תודה) means “thank you.”

What Todah Means?

Todah is a Hebrew word that means “thank you.”

How Do You Say Thank You In Hebrew?

תודה רבה (toda raba)

In Summary

In Hebrew, “thank you” can be translated as “toda raba.” This phrase is polite and formal, and can be used in both writing and speaking. There are also other expressions of gratitude that can be used in Hebrew, such as “ma’nuch tov” or “batach tov.”

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