How To Say Trick Or Treat In German

“Süßes oder Saures?” is how you say “Trick or Treat” in German.

How To Say Trick Or Treat In German

In German, “Süßes oder Saures?” is how you would say “Trick or Treat?”

To say “trick or treat” in German, you will need: -A piece of paper -A pen or pencil -A German dictionary

  • Say “süßes oder saures?” (sweet or sour?)
  • If someone gives you candy, say “danke!” (thank you!

– How to say Trick or Treat in German: Süßes oder Saures? – Trick or treat is “Süßes oder Saures?” in German. – This is a common Halloween phrase that is used to ask for candy. – The phrase translates to “sweet or sour?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sox In German?

The word “Sox” is not a word in the German language.

What Do We Call Zebra In German?

In German, zebras are called “Zebra.”

What Is German Word Stag?

In German, the word “Stag” (male deer) describes an adult male red deer. The plural form is “Stiere” and the diminutive is “Kühe”.

In Summary

The German word for “trick or treat” is “Süßes oder Saures”.

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