How To Say Very In French

In French, “very” is translated as “très”. To say “very good” in French, you would say “très bon”.

How To Say Very In French

In French, “very” can be translated as “très”. It is usually used to emphasize the intensity or degree of something. For example, you might say “that was very funny” to mean “that was really funny”.

In order to say “very” in French, you’ll need to know how to say “much” and “many.” To say “much,” you use the word “beaucoup.” To say “many,” you use the word “plein.” So, to say “very,” you would say “beaucoup de.”

  • For example, if you are very happy,
  • You can use “très” to describe how something is or how you feel
  • To say “very,” in french, you would say “très.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Very French?

There are many things that are considered very French, but some of the most notable include food, wine, fashion, and culture. France is known for its rich culinary traditions, world-famous wines, and elegant fashion sense. The country is also renowned for its art and architecture, as well as its distinctive approach to life.

What Are The Two Things That France Is Famous For?

1. France is famous for its wine and food. 2. France is famous for its art and architecture.

What Is French France Famous For?

The food, wine, art and culture.

In Summary

“Comment dire très en français?” Il y a différentes manières de dire “très” en français. Deux des plus courantes sont “trop” et “beaucoup”.

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