How To Say Wassup In Japanese

In Japanese, “wasabi” is the word for the condiment of the same name. It is most commonly used as a dip for sushi, and has a hot, pungent flavor. In Japan, “wasabi” is also often used as a greeting, much like “hello” or “what’s up?”

How To Say Wassup In Japanese

There is no one definitive way to say “what’s up” in Japanese. However, some possible phrases you could use are “nani ga ii?” or “o genki desu ka?”

-pen or pencil -paper -translation dictionary if needed

  • The plant is a member of the brassicaceae family, which also includes horseradish, broccoli, and cabbage
  • Wasabi is a japanese condiment made from the root of the wasabi plant
  • Wasabi

– In Japan, “what’s up?” is translated as “Nani O?” or “nani ga?” – Informally, people also say “Ossu” or “Oi.” – These expressions are used to ask how someone is doing. – They can be used as either a greeting or a farewell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hai Hai Rude In Japanese?

No, Hai Hai is not rude in Japanese.

What Is Maku Japanese?

Maku Japanese is a type of sushi that is made with squid and octopus.

What Does Sodane Mean In Japanese?

Sodane is a Japanese word meaning “left over.” It is often used to describe food that is leftover from a meal or leftovers in general.


In Japanese, “wasuppu” is typically written as ワッサップ or 合図. It is a casual way to say “hello” or “what’s up?” and can be used among friends.

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