How To Say What Do You Mean In German

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, here are a few basic tips that may help you to say what you mean in German: 1) Start by learning the basic German vocabulary words related to communication and expressing yourself. These words include: “Ich” (I), “Du” (you), “Sie” (the formal you), “Er” (he), “Sie” (she), “Es” (it), “H

How To Say What Do You Mean In German

In German, you would say “Wie meinen Sie das?” to ask someone how they meant what they said.

To say “What do you mean?” in German, you would say “Was meinst du?”

  • say “what do you mean?” in german by saying “wie meinst du das?” 2. wait for the person to respond. 3. respond to what the person says by saying “i mean

There are a few ways to say “What do you mean?” in German. One way is to say “Was meinst du?” Another way is to say “Wie bitte?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sprechen Sie Deutsch Mean?

Yes, sprechen Sie Deutsch means “do you speak German?”

What Does Geil Mean In German Slang?

Geil is a German word that means “horny.” It is used as a slang term to describe someone who is sexually aroused.

What Does The German Word Deutsch Mean In English?

The word Deutsch means “German” in English.


There are a few different ways to say “What do you mean?” in German, depending on the context. However, all of these phrases use the word “was” which means “what.” The most common way to say this is “Was meinst du?”

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