How To Say Wife In Korean

아내는 한국어로 아내라고 부르며, 아내의 말을 하는 법은 아래와 같습니다. “아내” is

How To Say Wife In Korean

In Korean, there are a few ways to say “wife.” One way is 부인 (buin), which is the formal word for “wife.” 한테 (hante) is another way to say “wife,” and it is used when talking about someone’s wife in a derogatory way. Finally, 아내 (anae) is the most common word for “wife” in Korean.

There is no one definitive way to say “wife” in Korean. However, some possible ways to say it include 아내 (anae), 가족의 여자 (gajokui yeoja), and 결혼한 여자 (gyeolhonghan yeoja). Each of these terms has a slightly different meaning, so it’s important to

  • wife is 아내 in korean. 2. to say “my wife is beautiful,” in korean, you would say “내 아내는 예

1. How to say “wife” in Korean 2. The word “wife” is “아내” in Korean 3. There are many ways to say “wife” in Korean 4. Each way of saying “wife” has a different meaning 5. Be sure to use the correct word for “wife” when speaking Korean

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Otoke Korean?

Otoke Korean is a traditional Korean board game that is believed to have originated in the Silla Dynasty. The game is played with two players and a set of black and white stones. The object of the game is to capture as many of the opponent’s stones as possible, and the player who captures the most stones wins.

What Does Omo Omo Mean In Korean?

“오모오모” means “very” in Korean.

What Is Husband Called In Korean?

In Korean, a husband is typically called 아내의 남편 (aanaeui nampeon), which means “the husband of my wife.”


Korean has multiple words for “wife,” depending on the level of formality. The most formal word is 아내, and the most colloquial word is 씨발. In general, the more formal the word, the more respectful it sounds.

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