How To Sign The Letter K

The letter k is written as a simple lowercase letter k. When signing the letter k, make a small loop with the right hand and touch the loop to the left side of the body just below the waist.

How To Sign The Letter K

The letter k is usually signed with a simple loop.

pen or pencil, paper

  • Sign the bottom
  • Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper
  • On the left side, write “dear ____,
  • On the right side, write your name

When signing the letter “k,” make sure to use a downward hook at the end of the letter. This will help to give the letter a more finished appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make K Hands?

A K hand is a poker hand made up of two kings and a Ace.

How Do You Sign G?

The sign for G is made by making a fist and then placing the thumb on the side of the nose.

How Do You Sign Search?

In American Sign Language, “search” is signed by making a sweeping motion with your hand in front of you.

To Summarize

When signing the letter K, make sure to hold the pen close to the paper and curve the letters around. Try not to make the K too large or too small – it should be about the same size as all of the other letters in the word.

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