How To Spell Ad Hoc

Ad hoc is a Latin word that means “for this.” It is often used in English to refer to something that is done for a specific purpose and is not meant to be permanent. When you spell ad hoc, be sure to use a lowercase “a” and an uppercase “H.”

How To Spell Ad Hoc

There is no definitive answer to this question as the spelling of “ad hoc” can vary depending on who is writing it. Some people spell it as “ad-hoc”, while others spell it as “a-d-h-o-c”. In general, though, both spellings are correct.

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  • the word “ad hoc” is typically spelled with a lowercase “a” and two lowercase “h”s. 2. the word means “for this purpose,” and is often used in reference to committees or

There is no one definitive way to spell “ad hoc.” Some common variants include “ad-hoc,” “a-d-h-o-c,” and “a-d-h-o-c-k.” The best way to determine the correct spelling is to check the definition and usage of the word.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Correct Ad Hoc Or Adhoc?

Ad hoc is an adjective which means “for this specific purpose.” Adhoc is a noun which means “a plan or action improvised or taken on the spur of the moment.”

Do You Capitalize Ad Hoc In A Sentence?

No, ad hoc should not be capitalized in a sentence.

Is There A Hyphen In Ad Hoc?

No, there is no hyphen in ad hoc.


Ad hoc is an adjective meaning “for this particular purpose.” The term is typically used in reference to committees, groups, or other temporary organizations that are formed to address a specific need. The word is Latin in origin and can be translated as “for this.”

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