How To Spell Alleluia

Alleluia is a word derived from Hebrew that means “praise ye the Lord”. It is used as a term of exultation in Christian liturgy. The word is also used in other religious contexts, such as in Judaism.

How To Spell Alleluia

Alleluia is an English word derived from the Hebrew הַלְלוּיָה (hallelúyah), meaning “praise ye Yah (God)”. It is used in various Christian liturgical contexts to express joyous worship. The word is also used in Judaism, but generally only on holidays.

pencil, paper, and a bible.

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  • Spell the word “alleluia” by using the letters “a
  • Leluia”. start with the letter “a” and spell it out. “

There are various ways to spell alleluia, including alleluia, alliluia, and hallelujah. Each of these spellings is acceptable depending on the preference of the individual or organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Alleluia Mean In English?

Alleluia is a Hebrew word that means “praise Yahweh.” In the New Testament, it is used as a term of joy and praise.

Does Hallelujah Mean Praise Jah?

Yes, hallelujah means praise Jah.

Does Hallelujah Mean Jehovah?

The biblical Hebrew word hallelujah (הַלְּלוּיָה) is a transliteration of the Hebrew word הַלְּלוּיָה, which means “praise ye Yah (Jehovah)” or “praise to Yah”.[1][2]

In Closing

There is no one correct way to spell alleluia.

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