How To Spell Volkswagen In German

Volkswagen is the German word for “people’s car”. It was first used in the early 1930s to describe a new kind of automobile that would be affordable for the average person. The name was chosen because the original Volkswagen factory was funded by the people of Germany.

How To Spell Volkswagen In German

Volkswagen is usually spelled with a lowercase v and a capital W in German, although the umlaut over the o is sometimes omitted.

Volkswagen is spelled V-o-l-k-s-w-a-g-e-n in German. You will need a dictionary to help you spell it correctly.

  • type “volkswagen” into a search engine. 2. select the german option from the language menu. 3. click on the “german
  • English dictionary” link. 4. scroll down to the “v

Some people spell Volkswagen as “Volkswagen,” while others spell it as “Volks Wagen.” The German word “Volkswagen” actually means “people’s car.” In German, the letter “W” is pronounced like the letter “V” in English. So, when spelled Volkswagen, the letter “W” is silent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do They Say Volkswagen In Germany?

Volkswagen is translated as “People’s Car” in German.

How Do You Say Vw In Full?

Volkswagen is a German car company and the full name is actually Volkswagen AG.

Is V Silent In Volkswagen?

The ‘v’ in Volkswagen is not silent.

In Summary

Volkswagen is spelled “Volkswagen” in German.

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