How To Spell You Re Welcome In French

The French word for “you’re welcome” is “bienvenue.” This word is pronounced “byen-vwah.” To spell it, you’ll need to know how to spell the French letter “ç.” The letter “ç” is pronounced like the “s” in the word “sun.”

How To Spell You Re Welcome In French

The correct spelling for “you’re welcome” in French is “vous êtes le bienvenu.”

pen or pencil, paper

  • Spell “you” as “vous”
  • Start by writing “you are welcome” in french
  • Spell “are” as “êtes”
  • Spell “welcome” as “bienvenu”

There are a few different ways to spell “you’re welcome” in French, but the most common is “merci beaucoup.” Other possibilities include “vous êtes les bienvenus,” “bienvenue,” and “vous remercie.” However you spell it, the meaning is the same: Thank you very much!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say You’Re Welcome In French?

“Merci beaucoup,” which means “thank you very much.”

Is De Rien Rude?

No, “de rien” is not rude. It is a polite way to say “you’re welcome.”

What Is The Correct Way To Say You’Re Welcome?

The correct way to say “you’re welcome” is “thank you.”


You’re welcome in French is “Vous êtes les bienvenus.”

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