How To Split Uber Fare

In order to split your Uber fare, you will need to first request a ride through the app. After the driver accepts your request, you will be able to select the “Split Fare” option in the app. From there, you will need to add the phone number or email address of the person you would like to split the fare with. Once the other person accepts the fare split, the fare will be evenly divided between the two of you.

5 Steps to Split Uber Fare

Asking your driver to split the fare is easy—just open the Uber app, slide over to the payments section, and select “Split Fare.” From there, you can enter how much each person should pay. After your driver accepts the fare, you’ll each get a fare breakdown and a charge for your share to the payment method on file.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common for people to use ridesharing services such as Uber to get around. While this can be a convenient and cost-effective way to travel, it is important to know how to properly split the fare in order to avoid any potential conflict or misunderstanding. If you are planning to take an Uber with someone else, be sure to discuss ahead of time who will be responsible for paying the fare. Once you have determined this, be sure to enter the correct number of passengers into the app so that the fare is correctly calculated. When it comes time to pay, simply have the person who is responsible for the fare pay the full amount and then request a refund from Uber for their share.

Step 1: Split Fare Between Riders

To split your fare with another rider, simply open the Uber app and select the ‘Split Fare’ option in the ‘Payment’ section. Enter the email address or phone number of the person you’d like to split your fare with, and confirm the amount you’d like to charge them. Once confirmed, your fare will be evenly split between the two of you.

Step 2: Send Request To Split Fare

In order to split an Uber fare, riders must first send a fare request to their desired contacts through the app. After the request is accepted, riders will be charged their corresponding portion of the total fare.

Step 3: Select How To Split Fare

To split your fare, select the “Split Fare” option in the app before you request a ride. Then, enter the names or phone numbers of the people you’re splitting your fare with. When they accept your request, their share of the fare will be charged to their credit or debit card.

Step 4: Enter Passenger Names

In order to split your Uber fare, you will first need to enter the names of all passengers who will be splitting the fare. After all names have been entered, you will be able to select each person’s share of the fare.

Step 5: Request Ride

In order to split your Uber fare, you need to request a ride first. After you have entered your destination and chosen your ride option, you will be asked to confirm your fare. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a button that says “Split Fare.” Tap on that, and then enter the phone numbers or email addresses of the people you want to split the fare with. Once they confirm, your fare will be split evenly between you and them.


Splitting an Uber fare is easy. Just have your friend request their own ride and input your shared ride information into the app. Then, after your ride is complete, both of you will receive a receipt indicating your individual fares and the total amount of the fare.

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