How To Turn Off Notification On Grab Hitch

If you’re not interested in receiving notifications about Grab Hitch rides, you can turn them off in the app. Here’s how: Open the Grab Hitch app and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner. Tap on Notifications and select the Grab Hitch tab. Under Notification Settings, switch the toggle next to Ride Offers to the Off position.

3 Steps to Turn Off Notification On Grab Hitch

It’s easy to turn off notifications on Grab Hitch. Just go to your settings and tap “Notifications.” Then, scroll down to the “Grab Hitch” section and toggle the switch off. That’s it! Your phone will no longer buzz or light up every time someone posts a new ride.

It is important to learn how to turn off notifications on your smartphone so that you can avoid being interrupted by them while you are driving. By doing this, you can stay focused on the road and be more attentive to your surroundings. Additionally, it can help prevent you from getting into accidents.

Step 1: To Turn Off Notifications On Grab Hitch, Open The Grab App And Go To “Settings”

To turn off notifications on grab hitch, open the grab app and go to “settings”. Then, tap on the “notifications” tab. From here, you can toggle off notifications for specific app features, or entirely disable notifications for the app.

Step 2: Under “Notifications”, Uncheck The Box Next To “Grab Hitch”

In the app, go to notifications and uncheck the box next to “grab hitch.”

Step 3: If You Want To Turn Off Notifications Only For A Specific Ride, Tap On The Ride And Uncheck The Box Next To “Notify Me”

If you want to turn off notifications for a specific ride, tap on the ride and uncheck the box next to “notify me”. This will ensure that you will not be notified about this particular ride again in the future.


To disable notification on Grab Hitch, open the app and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’ and disable the toggle for ‘Notifications’.

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