How To Watch The Gods Must Be Crazy

“The Gods Must Be Crazy” is a 1980 comedy film written and directed by Jamie Uys about a Bushman who goes on a journey to find the answer to the question “Why does God allow us to suffer?”. The film was nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

How To Watch The Gods Must Be Crazy

The film follows the story of Xi, a bushman from the Kalahari Desert who one day finds a Coke bottle dropped by an airplane. He takes the bottle back to his tribe and soon discovers that its strange properties have a profound impact on their way of life. The tribe’s reaction to the bottle ranges from initial excitement, to curiosity, to outright hostility. Ultimately, Xi must choose between preserving his tribe’s traditions or embracing the modern world. “The Gods Must

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1. Watch the film with an open mind. 2. Do not expect a Hollywood style production. 3. The acting may be amateurish in parts, but this only adds to the films charm and authenticity. 4. The film is a comedy, but contains some underlying themes which should be considered. 5. Take the time to appreciate the films setting and cinematography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Gods Must Be Crazy On Netflix?

Yes, The Gods Must Be Crazy is available to stream on Netflix.

What Channel Can I Watch The Gods Must Be Crazy?

The movie The Gods Must Be Crazy is available to watch on Netflix.

Is The Gods Must Be Crazy On Roku?

The Gods Must Be Crazy is a 1978 comedy film directed by Jamie Uys. It tells the story of a tribe of San people in Botswana who live in harmony with nature and their animals, until a Coke bottle thrown from an airplane lands in their midst.

In Closing

The film has a simple but powerful message: appreciate what you have, because it can be gone in an instant. It also offers a reminder that we should not take for granted the natural resources that are available to us.

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