How To Write The Date In Japanese Hiragana

日本のカレンダーでは、日付は、年(ねん)、月(げつ)、日(にち)の3文字で表記されます。 1年では、1月から12月までの日付を表

How To Write The Date In Japanese Hiragana

There are a few ways to write the date in Japanese hiragana. The most common way is to use the numerical system, which is written as year-month-day. For example, 2016-04-14 would be written as 二〇一六年四月十四日. Another way to write the date is by using the ordinal suffixes 位 (い) for day, 月 (つ

-A pencil or pen -A paper

  • Convert the number to hiragana (e.g. はちがみよんせつき
  • Write the date in numbers (e.g. 08/10/2015)

1. Write the date in Japanese hiragana. 2. Use the ordinal form of the number, followed by the particle の (no). 3. Place the date within quotation marks. 4. End with a period. 1. “日付”を日本語の平仮名で書きます。 2. 数字の最初の

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Japan Write Date Of Birth?

In Japan, the date of birth is typically written in year-month-day order. For example, “1981年5月24日” would represent May 24th, 1981.

What Year Is 2022 In Japanese Calendar?

The year 2022 in the Japanese calendar is Heisei 34.

How Do You Say Months And Dates In Japanese?

One month in Japanese is 「一月 ichi-gatsu」. One date in Japanese is 「1月1日 ichi-gatsu tsuitachi」.


In Japan, the date is typically written using the hiragana script. The date is written in the order of day, month, and year.

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