Is Royal Albert Bone China Worth Anything?

Royal Albert Bone China can be worth a significant amount of money. Pieces from the early 1900s in particular can be worth thousands of dollars.

They are a set of Royal Albert Bone China that no one else wanted. I guess you could say they’re the ugly duckling in the group of beautiful swans. But what makes these white, fluted plates and cups with blue-and-purple floral patterns so special is that they were the first products made by the new company in 1871 after a devastating fire destroyed their factory, stock, and raw materials.

There is also the fact they are set of bone china, which is a rarity nowadays. In this article we explore whether or not old bone china pieces might be worth anything and how to determine if your particular set is valuable or not.

What is Royal Albert Bone China?

If you’re reading this article you are probably familiar with the brand “Royal Albert.” It’s one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of high-quality porcelain tableware. But what makes it stand out is that it’s made with a specific type of porcelain made with bone ash (calcium phosphate) which sets it apart from all other tableware. This type of china is extremely durable and able to withstand everyday use and abuse. That is why it’s often found in commercial settings like restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops. But it also makes Royal Albert china one of the most rare types of china on the market today.

How to Determine the Value of a Set of Royal Albert Bone China

The first step in determining the value of your pieces is to figure out their pattern. There are many different patterns of Royal Albert Bone China. This can make it difficult to identify them. There are a couple of quick ways to determine the pattern.

First, you can check the bottom of the piece. There should be a stamp imprinted on the bottom of the item. This could be a 12 mark or a crown. If you don’t see anything on the bottom of your piece, you can check the inside of the cup or plate. There should also be an imprinted mark on the inside.

Secondly, you can look at the design on the dishware itself. If you see a blue and purple floral design, you might have a piece of Royal Albert Bone China.

Is Royal Albert Bone China Rare?

As we mentioned above, bone china is a rare type of china. In fact, only two companies in the world still produce it, including Royal Albert and the English Bone China Company. Because of its rarity, your Royal Albert china might be worth something. But the only way to know for sure is to take it to an antiques expert and ask them to take a look at it.

What Makes Royal Albert Bone China Valuable?

Already we’ve established that bone china is rare. But why is it so valuable? There are a couple of reasons why bone china is so special and why it is worth so much. First, the process of creating bone china is time-consuming. The raw materials have to be put through a long and extensive process. This is why bone china is so expensive to produce, which is why it’s so valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fine china and fine bone china?

Fine china is a type of earthenware that is made from a blend of clays and other materials. Fine bone china is a type of porcelain that is made from a blend of clays, bone ash, and other materials. Fine bone china is more delicate than fine china and is typically used for eating and drinking.

What Is The Most Expensive Porcelain China?

The most expensive porcelain china is considered to be the Chinese famille rose. This type of porcelain is typically crafted with a pink or red background, and features intricate designs in gold and other colors. Pieces from this type of china can sell for thousands of dollars.

How Old Is My Royal Albert China?

Royal Albert china is often passed down through generations and is often quite old. There are no definitive answers to how old specific pieces of Royal Albert china are, as the company did not start producing dated pieces until the 1930s. However, many collectors estimate that Royal Albert china can be anywhere from 50 to 100 years old.

Bottom line

There is a good chance that your Royal Albert china is worth something. If you are lucky enough to own a rare and valuable piece of bone china, you could stand to make a nice profit from it. You can sell your china through a website like Craigslist or Gumtree, or you can go to an antique shop or even a collector’s fair. Be aware that you will need to keep your piece clean and in good condition so that it can be sold for top dollar.

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