What Does Nd Mean In Text?

What Does Nd Mean In Text? Nd stands for neodymium and is a chemical element with the symbol Nd. It is a rare earth metal and is silvery in color. It is used in many applications including lasers, magnets, and glass.

What does ND mean on a text? ND stands for “no reply.”

What does ND mean in a text? ND stands for “no date”.

What does ND mean for short? ND stands for “no defense.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Nd Mean In Snapchat?

ND stands for “no display.” It is a feature in Snapchat that allows users to hide their story from specific friends.

What Is Nd In Snapchat?

ND is an acronym that stands for “No Description.” ND messages in Snapchat are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

What Do Nd Stand For?

The National Democratic Party is a centrist political party in the United States.

What Does Nd Stand For Mean?

ND stands for “no deal.”

What Does It Mean To Be Nd?

The term ND stands for “not disclosed.” It is a term used in the context of mental health to describe a person who does not want to share any information about their condition or treatment with others.

ND typically means “no date.” It is used as a placeholder in place of a missing or unknown date.

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