What Is The Difference Between Mr Brown And Mr Smith?

What Is The Difference Between Mr Brown And Mr Smith? There are a few key differences between Mr Brown and Mr Smith. For one, Mr Brown is bald while Mr Smith has a full head of hair. Additionally, Mr Brown tends to be more serious while Mr Smith is more easy-going. Finally, Mr Smith is younger than Mr Brown.

What did Reverend James Smith do? Reverend James Smith was the founder of the first Presbyterian church in the United States.

Who is Reverend Smith in things fall apart? Reverend Smith is a Protestant missionary in things fall apart. He represents the European invasion of traditional Igbo society and culture.

Who are Mr Brown and Mr Smith Things Fall Apart? Mr Brown and Mr Smith are two minor characters in Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. They are friends of the main character, Okonkwo, and are described as being very brave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens In Chapter 21 Of Things Fall Apart?

In chapter 21, the women of the village come together to discuss what can be done about the impending war. They decide that they need to send a delegation to the British in order to ask for their help.

Why Is Okonkwo Grieving At The End Of Chapter 21?

Okonkwo is grieving at the end of Chapter 21 because he has lost his son and his title.

What Does Mr Brown Do In Things Fall Apart?

In Things Fall Apart, Mr. Brown is an English trader who arrives in the village of Umuofia to trade goods with the locals. He is a friendly and helpful man, and he quickly becomes friends with many of the villagers. He teaches them about the outside world, and he helps them to understand the ways of the white people. He also performs a vital role in the community, by providing them with new goods that they can use and trade.

Who Is Reverend Smith In Things Fall Apart?

Reverend Smith is the Protestant missionary who arrives in Nigeria to spread Christianity and convert the local people. He is a condescending and arrogant man who looks down on the Igbo people, regarding them as ignorant and barbaric. He fails to understand their culture and customs, and ultimately ends up alienating the people he is trying to help.

What Did Mr Brown Do In Chapter 21?

In Chapter 21, Mr Brown tries to fix the sink and ends up electrocuting himself.

Who Is Okonkwo’S Father?

Okonkwo’s father is Unoka. He was a failure as a man, and Okonkwo could not stand him.

What Is The Significance Of Mr Brown In Things Fall Apart?

In the novel Things Fall Apart, Mr. Brown is a white man who represents the British colonizers in Nigeria. He is important because he represents the external force that is tearing apart the Igbo community. He also symbolizes the destructive power of colonialism.

Why Does Mr Brown Visit Okonkwo?

The visit by Mr. Brown to Okonkwo may be for any number of reasons. It could be a social visit, as the two are friends; it could be a business visit, as Mr. Brown may be interested in Okonkwo’s success as an entrepreneur; or it could be a visit to assess Okonkwo’s suitability for a potential job opportunity.

What Kind Of Person Is Mr Kiaga?

Mr Kiaga is a kind and gentle person who always puts others first. He is always willing to help out and is always friendly.

How Did Mr Brown Act For Converts?

Church membership is a voluntary association and, as such, the local church has the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason. The church also has the responsibility to protect its members from those who may be disruptive or dangerous.

What Strategies Did Each Missionary Brown Smith Use In The Attempt To Convert The Igbo People?

Each missionary Brown Smith used a different set of strategies in the attempt to convert the Igbo people. Reverend John Samuel, who was accompanied by Reverend Brown Smith, preached to large crowds and made use of biblical stories and parables to try and convince the Igbo people of the truth of Christianity. Reverend James Phillips, on the other hand, took a more personal approach, living among the Igbo people and learning their language in order to better communicate with them. He also focused on teaching them about the Bible and the Christian faith in a way that made sense to them.

How Does Rev Smith Feel About The Way That Mr Brown Handled Things In Umuofia?

Rev. Smith likely approves of the way Mr. Brown handled things in Umuofia. He likely believes that Mr. Brown was fair, firm, and principled in his dealings with the people of Umuofia.

How Is Reverend Smith Different From Mr Brown What Is The Result Of His Black And White Thinking?

Reverend Smith is different from Mr Brown because Reverend Smith believes that people are good and Mr Brown believes that people are bad. The result of Reverend Smith’s black and white thinking is that he is always happy and Mr Brown is always sad.

Who Is Mr Smith In Things Fall Apart?

Mr. Smith is the white man who tries to buy land from the tribe and Chief Tenzinara forbids it.

What Role Does Mr Kiaga Have In Relation To The White Missionaries?

Mr Kiaga is a key figure in the story of the white missionaries. He is both a friend and a foe to the missionaries, often helping them out but also hindering their work. Mr Kiaga is an important link between the missionaries and the local people, and his knowledge of the culture and language is invaluable.

How Does Mr Smith’S And Mr Brown’S View On Converts Differ From Each Other?

Mr Smith’s view on converts is that they are not really believers until they have passed through a certain process, while Mr Brown believes that anyone who says they believe in Jesus is a convert.

What Happens In Chapter 23 Of Things Fall Apart?

In Chapter 23 of Things Fall Apart, the priestesses of the Oracle of Ife perform a divination that tells them that white men will come and take away their land. The people of Umuofia are disturbed by this prophecy and begin to stockpile weapons in preparation for the coming war.

What Chapter Does Mr Smith Come In Things Fall Apart?

The chapter in which Mr. Smith comes into Things Fall Apart is Chapter 4.

What Was Mr Smith Like In Things Fall Apart?

In Things Fall Apart, Mr Smith is a white man who represents the British colonial government in Nigeria. He is condescending and dismissive of the Nigerian people, and sees them as inferior to himself and his country. He is also arrogant and insensitive, shown by his disregard for the traditional customs and beliefs of the Nigerian people.

Who Was Reverend James Smith?

Reverend James Smith was a Protestant minister in the early 1800s who was known for his oratorical skills. He was also an abolitionist and advocate for women’s rights.

There are several key distinctions between Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith. Mr. Brown is a more patient listener, and he takes the time to understand the other person’s perspective. In contrast, Mr. Smith is more blunt and he often interrupts others in order to make his point. Furthermore, Mr. Brown is typically more agreeable and willing to compromise, while Mr. Smith is more likely to take a firmer stance on issues. Finally, Mr. Brown is generally seen as being more likable and personable than Mr. Smith.

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